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Equity markets are mixed currently as US Treasury yields’ surge continued to weigh on stock valuations. Apple shares fell 1.58% on Thursday, Tesla lost 4.86% underperforming markets.

Global stock markets’ pullback continues currently after tech shares selloff Wednesday led markets down as bond yields advance continues. Apple shares lost 2.45% Wednesday, Tesla dropped 4.84%.

The statements by the Fed representatives that they are not worried about the growth of the US Treasury bonds yield, weakened the stock indices and strengthened the dollar rate. The American regulator is expected to publish new economic data today. Amid a decrease in global risks due to mass vaccination against coronavirus, precious metals fell in price, while the prices of copper and non-ferrous metals rose.

Stock markets are mostly down currently following a rebound on Monday while US Treasury yields retreated. Apple shares extended gains while Apple bought back $27.64 billion of its own shares in the December quarter, according to Standard & Poor's - shares rallied 5.39%, Facebook stocks closed up 2.83%.

Global stocks are mostly advancing currently as yields on US 10-year Treasury notes held at 1.40%, down from last week’s peak of 1.61%. Apple added 0.22% Friday while a new French law requires Apple attribute a repairability score to every product it sells in France, Tesla shares slid 0.98%.

Equity markets are mixed currently after Wall Street selloff Thursday as surge in Treasury yields didn’t subside. Apple shares fell 3.48%, Tesla lost 8.06% underperforming markets.

Global stock markets’ advance has resumed currently following Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's Wednesday testimony to House of Representatives. Powel said “It may take more than three years” for inflation to exceeded 2% which will warrant the Fed to start raising interest rates. Apple shares lost 0.41% Wednesday, Tesla jumped 6.18%.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell says his department will continue its low-rate policy and quantitative easing. Recall that the Fed is buying back bonds worth $120 billion a month. This could be a long-term factor in the weakening of the US dollar and, at the same time, it may support the stock market. Mass vaccination against coronavirus and the lifting of lockdowns are helping to restore commodity prices and strengthen the currencies of exporting countries.

Stock markets are mostly advancing currently following a technology selloff on Monday while US Treasury yields and commodity prices continue advancing. Tesla shares extended losses prompted by price cuts last Wednesday on certain models of its Model 3 and Model Y vehicles - shares dropped 8.6%, Disney stocks closed up 4.4%.

Global stocks are mostly in red currently as investors appetite for riskier assets moderated following unexpectedly weak jobless data which undermined some of the market's optimism about an accelerating US recovery. Nevertheless, those expectations for faster economic growth and inflation globally boost bond yields and commodities. Apple added 0.12% Friday while Google announced that the Apple TV app is coming to the Google TV platform, Tesla shares slid 0.77% closing 4% lower for the week.


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