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货币汇率的波动和相对其他资产的价格走势取决于国家、行业、跨国公司的经济和政治事件。政治、经济和金融新闻直接影响价格走势。 因此跟踪宏观经济报告会有助于外汇和CFD市场的交易。



Earning reports, Retail sales, and market reactions!

Chinese GDP and Inflation data, UK GDP, Euro Zone CPI, and retail sales from the U.S., E.U., and New Zealand will be the most critical data of the week ahead, while...


Central banks minutes, IMF meeting and service sector in focus.

The coming week will start with Easter Holiday in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand and Public Holiday in China, as last week finished with Holiday in most markets...


NFP and PMI in focus!

Entering the new quarter, Non-Farm Payroll reports and Good Friday creates a short week, with the huge data, while President Biden’s speech on Wednesday will get...


The important role of economic data and Powell's testimony

Yellen's first testimony

Powell and Yellen testify before the House Financial Services Committee on Tuesday and the Senate Banking Committee on Wednesday. Since...


Everything is about the banks

Hello, and Welcome to our weekly outlook. Let's take a short look at what we have to know in the week ahead!

Banks meetings are the main focus of the week. Especially...